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Airbnb Properties Generate 3X more Profits than regular Real Estate...but How Can You  Get Started With No Down Payment?
Do you want to make money with some of the 7 million listings on Airbnb but don't know where to start?

Even though Airbnb is bigger than that top 5 hotel chains combined (Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental, Wyndham, Accor), you are wondering how to be part of this mega-trend?

Are you stuck in your day job and want to generate regular passive income on the side to retire sooner?

Are you interested in making money with Airbnb but worry about not having enough money to start?

Are you looking for the best PROVEN cities near you to generate massive income with other people's Airbnb homes?

Are you feeling alone and don't know where to start due to the LACK of information from realtors or expert when it's about Airbnb Investment Properties?
Don't Waste Time...
Airbnb Real Estate Knowledge is POWER...Lack of it DELAYS your Financial Freedom!
Most financial experts agree that the next recession is coming in 2020. Your day job will be at risk and you need to get ready NOW to create regular passive income, and become recession proof!

Whether you want to rent other people's home or buy properties to rent them on Airbnb, the best opportunities to invest in vacation rentals are happening now because... most Real Estate investors don't know where to invest when it comes to Short-Term rentals, compared to "regular" real estate investment.

There is too much competition and too little profits on regular regular real estate. In addition, you need to put at least 20% down....ouch!

Airbnb properties can be a great tool to generate massive income....ONLY when you know where to get them and minimize your risks. 
There is a path to quickly generate money with Airbnb...
I realized that if I had access the key economic and regulatory drivers that impact Airbnb properties profitability performance, I could accurately predict the best cities to make money with Airbnb... all over the US (small and large cities!).

So I got access to thousands of data points such as hospitality market data, real estate market data, seasonality data, business traveler data and also to MILLIONS of data points directly from Airbnb to measure the performance of all listings' financial performance.

After 5 months of research….I started to see a couple of cities emerged…. I personally took the risk to invest in the first cities of my report. “I ate my own food”. Some were “Ok”…making 10% ROI and some where outstanding…with 30-40% ROI…and it helped me tuned my model and become better at listing only “most profitable cities” for Airbnb investment. Then as I rented and bought more Airbnb properties investment I got exposed to even more data points and really zoomed in the best cities only…and started publishing my findings every quarter so that people like you can stay up to date on where to make money with Airbnb. 

Sometimes the best location is within a large metro area....sometime it is just a small suburban city...there is one CLOSE TO YOU!

I am excited to pass my report to took be over 40 hours to compile and I am convinced it will help you:
1. Find The Absolute Best Cities All Over the US To Make Money with Airbnb Properties (even with no down payment by renting other people' homes!)
2. Discover Airbnb Cities You Never Thought About And that Most Investors Miss (I am sure you will be shocked by how many are near you)
3. Avoid Wasting Time Searching For the Right Airbnb Cities by Yourself
4. Get Started Making Money with Airbnb Even Without Any Prior Knowledge!

The knowledge of where to focus your Airbnb activities will help you escape The Rat Race By Making Smart Investment in the RIGHT locations.
My Story
Hi, my name is David Leroux. Let me tell you my story about how I started investing in Airbnb investment properties to now make over $1 million per year with now more than 20 properties.

I’ve always wanted to live the American dream, reach financial freedom in my 30s or 40s…not to buy things/toys but to travel the world. I wanted to have a lot of free time and be financially safe in case of a recession or unexpected medical bills show up. However, I was stuck with my job, even after 15 years in the tech industry, because….basically, my monthly paycheck would go pay my rent, my food and other bills…once a year I would spend the bulk of my savings for a vacation. I felt like I was stuck…that I won’t be able to ever ever exit the rat race….I would be working….spending my savings…working…spending my savings…where I would live to work…instead of making money while I sleep.

At that time, I had difficulties finding a well paid job and decided to buy real estate to generate some passive income on the side and then one day reach financial freedom. But, I was struggling with not having enough down payment to buy a property, finding an Airbnb property that would be profitableAnd I was getting more and more scared about my financial situation and overwhelmed about this real estate investment. Then, I heard from a friend that Airbnb properties were great investments to generate passive income…that got my attention!

I first rented a room in my home on Airbnb to generate a down payment to buy a property. And it generated a steady income for my downpayment. I was then able to buy my own Airbnb property but something really bad happened: I realized the city had regulations against Airbnb. I couldn't rent my investment property more than 90 days per year and was losing money, instead of making money!

As you can imagine, I was in frustrated and getting hopeless… feeling I would stay in the race race forever….…but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of using Airbnb investment properties to reach financial freedom.

So I decided to have a systematic approach and develop a step by step technique to find the most profitable cities and the most profitable Airbnb properties that can be rented 365 days a year, in areas where I don’t have to worry about cities' Airbnb regulations. My approach became laser focused! I bought a 2nd property that made positive cash flow….then a 3rd one that made even more cash flow…

At that point, everything changed!

I finally figured out how to:
1. Find the top 1% of the most profitable Airbnb investment properties that most investor misses
2. Identify Airbnb properties to buy within zonings where cities must allow Airbnb even when it is forbidden everywhere else
3. Create a scalable system to manage the properties remotely and increase profits by 3X compared to traditional real estate

Because I discovered a scalable system to find the most profitable Airbnb properties without worrying about cities' Airbnb regulations, I was able to:
1. Quickly increase my passive income and reach financial freedom
2. Have the freedom to visit my family in France anytime or travel the world
3. Spread my message about Airbnb investment properties and make a huge difference in people's lives

Now I'm living my dream and I never have to worry about money anymore ever again.

And that's why I'm so passionate about the system I you can reach financial freedom as well using Airbnb investment properties.
David Leroux
David Leroux is a real estate investor focusing exclusively on identifying high returns Airbnb properties. Born and raised in France, he was trained as an engineer and decided to invest in real estate when he was 25. While he kept his 9 to 5 job, he searched investment properties that can be rented on Airbnb as they had a much higher profitability than other investment properties.
Due to the lack of information to find the best properties for Airbnb, he developed his own method to systematically identify highly profitable properties (over 20% cash–on-cash return, $100K+ revenue per apartment) that can be legally rented all year-long on Airbnb.

He now owns 20+ properties in 5 different parts of the world and quickly received the “Super Host” status on Airbnb.
After reaching financial freedom, he decided to coach hundreds of students who experienced a similar success. In 2017, he created Cash Flow Street and made his teachings available globally on the leading learning platform Teachable by launching the first step-by-step easy to follow method to buy Airbnb investment properties. David’s purpose is to teach people how to accelerate their path to financial freedom using Airbnb properties and retire in less than 3 years.
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Too Could BUILD YOUR AIRBNB EMPIRE and RETIRE?
Join the New Rich and work less than 4 hours per week
Become "Recession Proof"
Fire your boss and live your life.
Use Your own Airbnb when you want a vacation
Spend time for your hobbies that you've always put off
Make money while you sleep

...and this is possible without wasting your time or money!
When you invest in the RIGHT cities....your Airbnb properties become like a CASH you can MAKE MONEY while you sleep's like money in on AUTO-PILOT
Limited Time Offer
Best US Cities Near You to Make Money with Airbnb Report
The Ultimate Report to Instantly Find The Best US Cities to Make Money with Airbnb Properties....that Most People Miss
US Cities analyzed and classified by US state
What's Included...
Best US Cities to Make Money with Airbnb Properties - Q4 2019 Report
​Instant Download: start putting this report to work right away!
US cities classified by US state and give you the diversity to find one near you!
Identify the cities with the most profitable Airbnb investment properties and start making $1K-$5K/month in 60 days
Best International Cities to Make Money with Airbnb Properties
Want to make money with Airbnb abroad? There are a lot of gold mines! The research is now done and there are amazing opportunities in vacation spots.
These cities are attracting tons of tourists and investments can generate 20-40% return on investment.
Pricing Tool Cash Flow Cal: Lifetime Access
Increase your listings revenue on Airbnb and VRBO by 10% to 50% with pricing optimization software. Once you get your own property, you need to make as much revenue as possible and know how to price your listing.
You can easily connect your Airbnb and VRBO calendars to your CashFlowCal dashboard, get your listings revenue health status using CashFlowCal algorithms and then adjust your prices in Airbnb/VRBO or any other pricing tool
Amazon Shopping List for Airbnb Listings
Complete Shopping List of the Must-Haves and best value products ranging from furniture, smart home products to pillows and decorative products to differentiate your listing...and simplify your life!

This list is constantly updated and you will have a lifetime access to all the new additions
Exclusive bonuses....
Bonus #1: 6 Best Airbnb Tools
The absolute MUST HAVE Airbnb Tools
When it comes to your Airbnb listings, you need to have the right tools to make sure you generate as much money as possible but also get peace of mind and create a scalable business. Become hyper efficient and truly make money while you sleep with these 6 tools.
Bonus #2: FREE EBook
Step by Step to create the BEST Airbnb listing and Beat your competition
This Ebook lists the steps to create the best Airbnb listing from the description to the photos. As you get your new assets, you need to make it shine to maximize your revenue and this eBook will teach you how.
Bonus #3: Best International Cities to Make Money with Airbnb Properties
Want to make money with Airbnb abroad? There are a lot of gold mines! The research is now done and there are amazing opportunities in vacation spots.
These cities are attracting tons of tourists and investments can generate 20-40% return on investment.
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
I am so confident that these tools and reports work that if after 90 days, you use them and don't generate 10X the cost of this offer, you will get 100% of your money back
When you invest in Airbnb property, you choose assets that generate 3X more profits than "regular" real estate investment. This means that your money works further faster. This is why I decided to focus on vacation rentals investment, and why I am so passionate to share these results with you.

The right time to buy Airbnb investment properties is NOW: most real estate investors don't know where to look for Airbnb properties.

Remember, don't live paycheck-to-paycheck or invest in "average" properties....make your money work for you....massively....with Airbnb investment properties!

-David Leroux
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