"A+++. Great content. The Airbnb Cash Flow Method is easy to follow and addressed all the concerns I had especially making sure I wouldn't have any issue with the city & county to rent on Airbnb. I bought a 1 bedroom condo in Nevada and it was making over $10k from the first month! I can't wait to buy next next one, this year!"
Sylvia V.
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Q: How does the coaching sessions work?

The sessions are individual calls that typically last 30 minutes.

Q: Are the coaching sessions really with David Leroux?

Yes. They are one-on-one sessions with David Leroux. This is not a group call and why only 25 students are allowed in each class. Each call is your opportunity to ask specific questions and review your situation.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of coaching sessions with David Leroux?

No. Typically, there are 2 to 5 sessions depending on your needs for a specific vacation rentals you are planning to invest in.

Q: Is this program for people who want to buy or rent & sublease on Airbnb?

Both. The program is not only developed for real estate investors with a down payment ready to invest in their next property, but also for people who don't have (yet) their downpayment ready and want to identiy where/how they can rent a property to sub-lease it on Airbnb.

Q: How long does this program take?

You have access to the entire course online as soon as you enroll in the Airbnb Cash Flow Method. You decide how fast you want to go through the materials and how soon you want to schedule your session with David Leroux.

Q: How can I find cities where it is allowed to rent on Airbnb? 

The highest priority is to teach you how to select a property that is NOT impacted by local legislations nor by building regulations (homeowner associations). While there are cities where it is obviously forbidden to rent all year-long on Airbnb (San Francisco, NYC, etc.), there are also many cities and often specific parts of a city where it is allowed. There are also specific zonings where Airbnb is allowed 365 days a year within cities that restrict Airbnb. This is one of the best kept secret! And when you know how to find those zonings and properties that you have access to the most profitable investment properties. The Airbnb Cash Flow Method teaches you how to invest in long-term "buy and hold" properties to generate continuous cash flow from day 1 and rent it 365 days a year. In module 3 (selecting the right regions) and module 5 (selecting the right properties), you will learn how to select investment properties in locations that are 100% legal (=Airbnb friendly 365 days a year!)   

Q: How to predict and calculate the Airbnb returns and cash flow based on the seasonality of a particular city?

Like any investment, it is critical to predict your potential returns as accurately as possible. Both future income and expenses must be assessed with high confidence. The good news is that for Airbnb investment properties, there are tons of data with 4 millions Airbnb listings to help you determine your profits before you even place an offer for a property. The Airbnb Cash Flow Method will show you how to access data so that you can identify accurately what profits to expect even before you place an offer. In module 4 of the course, you will learn about the Investment Property Calculator. You can simply follow the training video and plug the numbers in this calculator. It makes it super-easy to identify the cash flow and return of any property you are interested in buying. This is a bulletproof method you can use again and again for any investment.  

Q: How can I manage my Airbnb investment remotely (even if it is out of state or in a different country)? Will I spend too much time managing my Airbnb properties? Is it a full time job to manage?
Most people spend less than 2 hours per week even with over 10 properties to manage in in different states/countries. It is critical to know how to build the right team so you don't have to do everything yourself. It's important also that you are not part of the day-to-day interactions with guests. If you do the cleaning yourself, interact with the guests yourself, manage your price every day alone, etc. you will definitely spend way to much time. The key is to know how to outsource it. There are several online tools and ways to build the right team for each city so that you don't send time managing them. This is what the Airbnb Cash Flow Method teaches you in module 7 of this course. By doing so, you can spend time finding your next place to buy instead of micro-managing the previous one.  

Q: What's the curriculum of The Airbnb Cash Flow Method?
Step 1. Plan: define the strategy unique to YOU to reach your financial goals using vacation rentals
A. Financial Self-Inventory
In this chapter, you will use my personal excel file use to precisely determine your current cash flow (even if it is negative!). 99% of the people don't know how to do this accurately. It a very important starting point.
B. Define Your Goals
This is about defining your financial destination and identify exactly what/how many vacation rentals you need to buy. Using the workbook provided, you will be able to see automatically different scenarios for you so you can choose the one you are most comfortable with.
C. Close your “Cash Gap”
For real estate investors who don't have enough cash (yet) to buy a property (most banks require 20-30% down payment), I will teach my strategies and tips to create your downpayment fast by renting properties and then sub-leasing on Airbnb. You will learn how to convince a landlord to accept you as a tenant to then sub-lease on Airbnb, how to find the most profitable places, how to comply to cities regulations, etc.  

Step 2. Buy: find the top 1% of the most profitable Airbnb properties and complying to Airbnb cities regulations
A. Select Your Top Airbnb Cities: you will learn various methods to quickly find the best cities to invest in. Within 30 min of this module, you will already have top candidate cities for you to invest in. It won't be a generic list of cities but the one that make the most sense for YOU.
B. Compare & Select the Best Airbnb Properties: this is probably the most important chapter of the entire course where you will be able to quickly master my Investment Property Calculator. Simply enter the inputs requested in this calculator and identify instantly whether a property is a winner or not. It will help you make the right decision before you place an offer on a property (to buy or to rent then sub-lease).
C. Finance Your Properties using Lenders Specialized in Vacation Rentals: often the difference between a successful real estate investor and a not so successful one is the ability to find financing. In this module, you will have access to my personal list of lenders specialized in vacation rentals. This will fast-forward and enable your next Airbnb investment properties financing. A true gold mine!

Step 3. Profit Massively
A. Create Your Airbnb Listing to Beat Your Competition
I reviewed 1000s of listings and learnt exactly what needs to be done to really differentiate yours and get the highest revenue. The guidance you will receive in this chapter will increase your profit up to 100%! Make sure you don't skip it after you acquire your own vacation rental.
B. Successfully Manage Your Airbnb Property Remotely
You will learn which online tools to use and how to easily set-up your local team in order to easily manage your properties. I have over 25 properties and it takes me less than 4 hours a week! None of them is located where I live. When you complete this module, you will be able to outsource your day-to-day activities and focus your time on buying your next property!
C. Select the Right Insurances Specialized in Short-Term Rentals
I will share with you how to insure your asset, your Airbnb revenue and also have liability protection. 
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